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Strategic Branding Toolkit – When A + B = ∞

Updated: Mar 25

A mathematical improbability is the Altura core belief - that when you artfully combine modular and purposeful brand design with strategic communication, there’s an infinite amount of ways to use our assets. 

It sounds more like a science than an art. But we’d say it’s a bit of both. Born from time at “Big CPG” and “Big Agency” we saw impractical one-time-use photoshoots. Key visuals that could never be altered. Inflexible communication. And thought there had to be a better way. 

A better way for emerging to mid-sized CPG companies to tell their unique and wonderful stories. A more efficient way to create content. A more effective way to use our time and our clients’ budgets. A better way of creating a Strategic Branding Toolkit as a multi-use asset library that could be used and reused over and over again across the brand’s footprint. 

So we did that. 

Think capsule wardrobe. Think legos. Think a chef’s mise en place. We strategically craft a brand’s basics so we can repeatedly create something more complex. 

By creating a strong foundation, we can build - and rebuild - anything.

What would be in your brand tool kit? Strong product photography, dynamic packaging renders, ownable design moments, strategic copy? 

Think of all the assets, touchpoints and brand moments we could create. It’s (practically) infinite. 

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