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1 FTE < Altura Design, Inc.

While you can never expect one human to “be it all,” you can ask way more of your small agency partner. 

I was discussing in-house creative teams with my good friend David Smith the other day. As a former member of an in-house creative team at the largest Retailer as well as a large CPG company, I have a special place in my heart for the efficiency and connectivity the in-house environment can create. For large brands, in-house teams are a strong tool to have in your arsenal.

 But when it comes to mid-market and emerging CPG companies, it’s a challenge to do in-house right. 

Often, an internal creative hire reports to an off-discipline manager. Not always a bad thing but can lead to a stall in career or skill development, different communication styles and high turnover. Then naturally, there’s high overhead, onboarding, training, and retention to navigate. And a single creative hire is often unfairly expected to know how to “do it all.”

Of course, I’m partial to hiring an agency partner. With Altura Design, Inc., you get more than execution. 🥫You get Brand & Shopper Marketing 🛒 experts that focus on your entire journey. We’re a bit of a Swiss Army knife with specific skillsets used at the right place and the right time. 

Strategic Packaging & Website Design (Through the lens of your Consumer & Retailer needs) 

Content Creation (Brand & Retailer Specific) 

Agile for your Quick Turn Sell-in & Marketing Execution

So next time you’re thinking of hiring, consider a partner who can act as a part of your team for the cost of one FTE. Consider Altura Design, Inc.

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