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Ava Organics Branding, Packaging & Content Creation

Services Provided

Brand strategy * Packaging * National campaign * Organic social * Paid social * In-store display * Out-of-home * Sales support * Tradeshow

Branding * Packaging * Organic Social * Paid Social * Amazon PDP Page * Out-Of-Home * Sales Support * Tradeshow

Made with organic coconuts lovingly and painstakingly sourced from Thailand, Ava Organics Coconut Crispy Rollers needed a packaging as unique, tropical and as stand out as they are.

For the brand’s packaging design, Altura first started with an in depth category audit - what did the organic specialty snack aisle look like? Where was the design white space? Greens and muted earth tones overtook the aisle. So we knew the packaging - and by extension the brand’s assets - needed to be a bright ray of flavor in a bland snack sea. We pulled from tropical and exotic flavor inspiration, and grounded it with simple iconography and mouth watering ingredient flavor cues.

The result was a toolkit of gradients, icons, language, and a design style for Ava to pull from for additional brand assets and social channels!

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