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Caroline Reeve



As a Creative Craftswoman living in the Wisconsin Northwoods, I’ve created a boutique design agency with the focus to help small/mid-market niche businesses with branding, packaging, content creation, photography, video animation and communication strategy.


There’s definitely a David vs. Goliath mindset in the sense that we can achieve just as much as the big guys with smaller budgets and in most cases, when we partner together, we can do it better.


Altura is a boutique design agency offering scalable resourcing needs without the overhead. As your primary Creative Lead, I will design for your team’s needs or work with our proficient resources to creative direct based on the scope of your project.


It’s so important that the work Altura creates tells a cohesive story from branding, packaging, social media and in-store execution. We strive to make everything connect throughout your entire journey. 


A package design must have a long-term innovation plan while also telling a story beyond the packaging. There has to be a vision for how the story comes to life throughout each media touch point for the brand to succeed.


We know what’s at stake for our clients and take that to heart. In addition to designing, we’re there for our clients along the entire process from media calls, print production conversations, brainstorming, planning sessions and more. They introduce us as their Creative Director Partner and we couldn’t be more honoured. It’s remarkable to see what we can create when there’s a trusting Client/Creative relationship with an enormous passion to succeed.

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